Our Process

Based on a few important principles, we’ve framed our process for your convenience.We have a team to analyse your business and then they will report you what are the issues currently you facing with your business or brand. Our executives will suggest you solutions to implement.

  • 100% Accuracy
  • 100% Quality Service


To be Sri Lanka’s on corporate brand for all solutions at all the times also we can give any kind of solution for your business.


Delivering superior shareholder value by unleashing the full potential of our people and achieving leadership in all our domestic and global businesses.


We believe that innovation or innovative thinking together with integrity possesses the propensity
to take an organisation and its products or services to a level beyond perfection.

Thus, we empower our creative co-workers to use their gifted power of innovative thinking in every project we undertake.
Innovation certainly has played a tremendous role in the development phase of ReCode99 and its sub companies.

We strongly believe that innovative thinking can undoubtedly do wonders in anything and everything we manifest in years to come.
Innovation in business solutions can lead to a monumental level of client satisfaction as it acquires the capability of transcending client expectations.
If innovative thinking is employed for the right reason, you may only have a positive outcome.

Analytics & reporting

Our analytics dashboard helps product teams better understand what their users are looking for most, as well as where they are hitting dead-ends most often.


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